Better Them Than Us

Better Them than Us

For sure, we don’t torture
Well, at least not any more
When we did, we didn’t call it that either.

The truth is we hate them
For what they did to us
They are so not like us!

Have you seen how they kill themselves
and each other?
Makes us feel positively superior.

Now because we can’t torture
We prefer not to capture
It’s better to blow them up in tiny bits and pieces

Them and a few others around them
Some may be innocent
But so what?

We are programmed
to block thoughts that make us uncomfortable
Our drones are pretty sleek.

Rashid Osmani, Oct 12, 2011
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Your poems are very good

Wow, you have a very good ability (by the Will of Allah) to write poems...alhamdulillah, i enjoy reading them very much. Keep it up!