A brighter tomorrow......

A brand new start,
A love divine,
A sweet sweet taste thats so inclined..
To fulfil my wish, and his wish too,
To marry eachother so so soon,
A gift from above,
Thats wrapped with a bow,
But I have to wait till the day we'll know,
Of that,
A dream,
Is all I have,
Of how you look,
And then we'll grab,
Eachothers heart and wont let go,
In the promise of another tomorrow,
So dont stop here for time will tell the tale of which Ive longed to sell,
To those in need of an open heart,
Accepting us, true love, a spark,
We can certainly show them,
All the rest,
That we will live strong and become the best,
The best of that our lives could lead,
And Allah will be pleased with us indeed....

Insha allah...