Buv Buv Buv

Buv, buv, buv.My heart is on a quest.
My heart wont give up until my body found the best.
And when I've found the key to the room that stores my fate.
I'll open it with pleasure and see it there so great.
I'll take my time and smile with pride.
No more secrets for me to hide.

Buv, buv, buv.My heart is on a mission!
courage is my soul, my faith my ammunition.
And when I found the road to stride along in ease.
I'll stroll head high upon it, and feel life's gentle breeze.
I'll take my time and pray and know,
its the only way to feed my soul and grow.

Buv, buv, buv.My heart is on protest.
I wont accept the evil plans and faces I detest.
I wont allow myself to taste their food of lies.
Their choice of clever words that muffle nations cries.
And I will watch as they rise high for a moment in our time.
But then I'll grin and raise my chin when God washes out their crime.

Buv, buv, buv.My heart is on a roll.
My heart is ticking like a bomb and will one day free my soul.
My time on earth it has a limit and I am just like you.
The difference is that my goal is a goal of very few.
I seek forgiveness as I repent, and repenter is my name.
But despite what I believe in, the colour of our blood is still the same.
You and I, you laugh, I sigh, you think that you are free.
But you don't know the half of it, the other half is me.