Can you spare a sujood a day for me?

I don't ask for dollars or riches,
No! Diamonds and pearls were never my friends
These dusty garments will do me fine
in my wrecked home a war stricken place.

My soul is rusty from hopelessness
my very being an emptiness,
my daily worry isn't the trendiest hijabs or clothes
but hiding from bombs and grenades is how I spend my days.

so please don't say 'you're sorry!'
it's not your pity that I'm after
It's not your empty promises I seek
your concerns may be sincere but how will that really matter?

I won't bore you with family troubles
I don't have one as they have all perished
Oh please don't frown at least they're free
while myself and my kind remain in desperate need.

A need for a simple peace and freedom we've never known
to hear the laughter of small children running around in the play ground
stream of tears flow on my cheeks at such delight of wishful thinking
please brothers n sisters, spare a sujood a day for us is a statement that I'm making.

I don't ask that you wake up at night for tahajood
Please don't interrupt your sleep for my sake
nor do I need you to waste hours of your precious time
Just one sujood a day will do to remember Palestine and her kind.

Dedicate one sujood a day while standing to face your Lord
remember us in your prayers before a day comes where you'll be in need
Du'a is a weapon with a licence to use when we may
there's no better time than now please donate a sujood a day.

The world as always keeps turning and time hurriedly keeps ticking
I know Judgment Day is near, The Day of a Great Gathering
As terrifying as this fact may be the meeting with my Lord is near
I have lived each day in fear of rape and death
but it's your comforts and attachments of dunya that I truly fear.

And eventhough tough and painful my trials in this life may seem
they keep me grounded, as success in the life here-after is my ultimate aim
but I'm not ashamed to admit my fear and your du'as I truly need.

I'll dedicate a sujood a day my ummah so you won't see what I have seen
so you'll be united as one and uphold the banner of this beautiful deen
so you'll never feel rejected, abandoned, betrayed and forgotten
we are of one another ya bani Adam, if not us for eachother, who else will intervene???*

By Umm Muhammad.

* The believers are brothers and are an integrated nation, like a building parts of which support other parts. They treat one another with mercy and compassion, and love one another. In order to preserve this building and this brotherhood, Allah has prescribed which each Muslim has over his fellow Muslim. These include love, sincerity (naseehah) relieving his distress,concealing his mistakes, supporting him when he's in the right, respecting neighbours and honouring guests.

These rights also include returning greetings of salaam, visiting the sick, accepting invitations, saying "yarhamuk Allah" (may Allah have mercy upon you) to a Muslim when he sneezes, and attending his funeral. The Prophet (Salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: "The rights of one Muslim over another are five: returing the greetings of salaam, saying "yarhamuk Allah" when he sneezes, accepting invitations, visiting the sick and attending funerals. (Narrated by Muslim 2625)

JazakhAllah and may you be rewarded !!!

your words touched me in the most softest of ways...i will try offer sujood as often as i can i feel so helpless majority a time as i cannot do much inshAllah my duas will reach them and i hope you are rewarded for your great effort

wa'sallam xxx

Thank you both for your

Thank you both for your beautiful comments.

If this particular peice managed to encourage even one person to remember our brothers and sisters in Palestine (and all over the world, those suffering in prisons, in their own homes..) while in sujood and with a sincere heart...I think I have succeeded indeed.

May Allah t'alla accept the du'a of the mu'mineen and send a speedy victory to our bleeding ummah! Ameen!

Lets not forget to spare at least a sujood a day for our people please.

Wasalaam. X

Masha Allah

May Allah bring peace and restore the glory of islam in the country.And may we see it as a duty 2love ourselve and remember ourselve in prayer.Great work

mashaAllah............. Your

Your words brought tears in my eyes
InshaAllah i will do a sujood and make dua for them.
I was the one who said sorry for them.
Not any more............. inshaAllah.
Really your poem is touching me a lot.