A system widely accepted
A false deal widely treated
Loved by all, declared the answer
Hastily it is taken
Quickly it is heard
Many don’t question
And many don’t know
But even more don’t care
To know
But to know is better
If only they knew

A system of capitalizing on greed
And brandishing the slave
A dollar or two for a life or more
A castle here, a starving toddler there
A roaring crisis of numbers and shares
An explosion of physics here

Else, why should I care?
It is me, myself and I
This is what I’ve been told,
Is to survive, or even to simply live
But living simple is no longer a choice
An old reminder for the forgotten contentment

I fight for more without consoling my soul
I want more, a larger house, a larger piece of bread, a shinier earlobe
Did I not mention this was all for me!
Still, i admit sheepishly, it is not enough.