False Identity

Life is a gift which no man can steal
life is a gift that can change at will
but life is a journey that you have to accept and feel
life is a gamble so just turn the wheel
rich or poor, healthy or not
at least you have your deen for that can heal
its true, its real stupidity and ignorance both can kill
so tell me
where in the quran does it state that suicide bombing
is permissible
and your target is mostly innocents walking by
and kids standing by you might aswell do a drive by
oh my
so now what i want to understand
is how you do wrong and say it in the name of god
like killing without true reason
claiming jahid but you're killing your own
and at the end you'll be standing alone
also selling kids into slavery for guns and ammo
wheres the jahid in that
fighting to protect your people or to protect your deen
but you are not doing that
like a machine you're a mindless drone
but stop hiding under islam this is a free hate zone
peace and love is what i teach
so peace and love is what i'll preach
your soulless and heartless
like a bloodless leach
stop hiding under islam
and show your true identity

Masha Allah

Marsha Allah, indeed this is true. The love of peace in Islam is now being falsely identified as mutiny of humanity and troublesome hate for someone different than ourselves because of the hypocritical Taliban extremists and their supporters. The extremists will make no sense. Some spelling errors but very inspiring poem about how it is up to us as a Muslim Ummah to care for and correct our own people to prevent corruption in the earth that Allah SWT Created. Jazak Allah.

Salam Indeed, for its the

Indeed, for its the time of corruption with all these misguided folks falsely matching with our banners above their head. And it's up to us true followers of the deen to unite as one fight for our true deen and its dignity that our people died for