I am addicted

I am addicted~
When i enter the mode of being quranic, it immerse my heart like the ship titanic, i am feeling like the star of the game olympic, i recite all the times i went for picnic, because, i am addicted.
I never come across a time of boredom, because of the stories of castle and kingdom, i listen to minshawi's best of work done, because i am addicted.
Two hundred mp3's are playing, four hundred hours of time am listening, if it stops i start the vexing, because i am addicted.
I recited when the rain is falling, i repeated when the sun is boiling, i repeated when moon is rising, i always feel the book is calling, because i am addicted.
You are welcome when the night holds, because i enter my quran mode, using up my version six voice code, i stand the night no matter what cold, because i am addicted.


Ya Allah! i luv this akhy, my favoryt, smhw reflects me i guess bt Allah knws best. an whn we put it on sm think we lost in music lol
JazaakaAllahu khayr


Thank you very much for sharing the islamic faith, you are free to play around with my poemz cuz did u ever notice i added ur username in front of my nick, muslim89/hero.


aha! No I didn't realize that lol. But 'muslimhero' sounds better than 'muslim89.' I actually wanted to create another account with my name nickname/username 'Sparkapoet' as that's what I usually refer to myself as but i came up with that after I had already created this account.

Anyway keep posting. I have enjoyed reading all your poetry mashaa-Allah.


Nice Poetry

MashaAllah this is good, I have shared this, ofcorse with your name.