A Lesson in Life !!!

Love is an action of the heart.
The actions carried out by the limbs,
Can be somewhat limited in their expression,
of the love a person’s heart really feels.
One can easily devote his/her heart
To another creature on the Earth,
But has one ever stopped to wonder…
What good does it bring about?
The feeling of misery
And restlessness in the heart…
Is that what one wants in life?
Is it really worth it?
Neglected is the Khaliq al makhlooq,
The Creator of all creations,
The One who created you from a clot of blood,
The One who is truly deserving of all devotion.
Ever dared to be a die hard aashiq…
Of The One from whom tranquility is granted?
Of The One who’s generosity is incomparable?
Of The One who’s love is incomparable?
Attaining the pleasure of Allah
Should be the one concern on our minds.
To become a true lover of Allah,
Is the achievement to make in life.
Yet, the question remains…
In what way can this goal be met?
Submission is progression.
And as I have been told,
Time and time again,
Focus and you will succeed.
It’s just the wind under your wings

To make you soar higher…