A Life Without A Mother

People would say life is empty without a mother
But I say it’s full of loneliness, pain, and suffer

Especially when she leaves her children behind
Running away from her abusive husband
Hoping to come back as soon as she’s divorced

But the divorce paper never came
So she stayed away taking the blame
From the people around who made her an icon of shame
Knowing her children’s lives will never be the same


When I was a child, I had bullies instead of friends
And my father made sure mom had no friends
So my mother and I became best friends

She taught me what’s right from wrong in a young age
She said when we’re in a dark place like a cage
Patience is the way to the light, not rage

Then, she asked me if I’d be okay
Taking her place when she’s away
I said, my father will never change if you stay
Insha’Allah, he’ll regret the way he treated you one day


My beloved mother left us alone
With a father whose heart was made of stone
He started drinking, yelling, and cursing all night long
We weren’t allowed to see her or talk on the phone

It’s been seven years without seeing our mother
And what hurt me the most is my baby brother
The look on his face made me suffer
While watching a little boy running to his mother

I was too weak too depressed
Believing I was the reason of the whole mess
But I remembered that prayer, patience, and hope
Will make my family blessed