A MAN I LOVE FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH..............(my daughters grandfather)

Silent in the back of my heart, you stayed and will do till the beat fails.
Your eyes reflect in hers, your words echo through my soul.
All I have of you is your past and all the tear jerking tales.
When all feared truth, you stepped up and took that role.

If only you were here you great man, If only I could kiss your head.
If only you could see her and how she looks so like you.
If only they never killed you, so unjustly, why is the world so dead?
They took the life of one who spoke what he knew was true.

Though I never met you, and though I never will,
I spend many a night thinking, crying, like they killed a part of me.
And though I cannot see you, and though I know it's by His will,
I wish that you could know one thing, you made us content and free.

While others may never appreciate, the words you shared with all.
I listened to the tape of you, warning against our fall.
I heard your voice like a dream and I shook with peace and pride.
I knew that my daughter has something special big and deep inside.

I love you, yes I do, with no doubt or hesitation,
you take my breath away, when I hear your recitation.
I see a future for her and I, I have the gift you gave,
I pray your lifted by the Angels, after your wait within the grave.