In our hearts always

Don't forget our brothers, their sorrowful plight
the day when freedom was no longer their human right
imprisoned without a fair trial
their oppressors are in a state of denial
the believing brother's freedom taken
whole lives turned around and shaken
never free from the chains of hardship
has the world forgotten that they still exist?
Their families yearning for their return home
visualizing their men on their own
scared, lonely locked up in a dark cage
injustice cruelty gone insane
the hypocritical manmade laws, just an evil game
to those that hold the keys
to the institution of barbarity
they talk about the freedom of speech
but I ask you, I beseech
why do they arrest and terrorize
the brothers without a chance to rise
in their own defense
to voice their innocence
unjustifiable excuses don't make sense
a million dollars could never be compensated
for the bitter years they've spent incarcerated

(This duniya is like a prison for the believers, our freedom is ours in the hereafter, InshAllah)