Parsing Peshawar

“Are Muslims Savages?”
The massacre that makes blood curl
may justify the slur,
but let’s be fair and square
and adjudicate with care.

“Are Only Muslims Savages?”
Anders Breivik wasn’t,
neither was Baruch Goldstein.
Their actions were also brutal
and certainly deserve the label.

I know Satan well and he is not a savage.
As a source of evil and temptation,
he causes strife and consternation.
But he would never stoop so low
and be as merciless to his foe.

“Are Most Savages Muslim?”
A million bearded Breiviks
roam under the Daish umbrella,
wreaking havoc around the globe.
Who are we waiting for, to rid us of this lobe?

Rashid Osmani, Dec 17, 2014