Sleepy Ummah

Sleepy Ummah

As Bosnia was bleeding we pretended that it was nothin.
Did we really think that solution was the snooze button?

The buzzer rang again, but we still didn't wake,
We plugged our ears and acted as if it was fake.

The bombs keep dropping, the buzzer kept ringing,
"Come on man, shut up, I'm busy sleeping!"

Then Kosova came and not much was said,
"Could you be quiet, man I'm still in bed!"

Our brothers were killed right under our nose,
"Hey man, could you shut up, I'm trying to doze!"

When our sisters got raped, did we even feel lousy?
"Come on dude, shut up, I'm still feeling drowsy!"

The buzzer keep ringing and we just gave out a sigh,
"Man, do you ever shut up, I'm trying to get some shut-eye?"

Now there is Russia, who is terrorizing us some more,
But what are we doing besides letting out a snore?

The Kufar keep coming, they're trying to put out the light of our deen,
"Aw man, I'm trying to sleep, be quiet, quit being mean!"

What could happen next, what could be seen?
"Come on Masood, be quiet, I was having a sweet dream!"