Thank You

While the clouds got heavy,the thunder roared as the rain began to pour, many hearts loved to soar for they knew the old man snored while he patiently awaited the rainbow to soar.

To praise the rainbow that will raise ,for the lady that waits the phase ,yet love is so unrequited ,but hope is all that keeps her ignited.

May she meet the roar that she soars as love is all she needs ..her feelings are intact so are her deeds..for all she does is for Almighty pleasure..that's a deep hidden treasure..

She praises her heart for its rare but no friend will enter until they dear to you my friend you have the key and may your care set u free..

All the heart desires are wished upon you ,,I guess that's nothing new..your uplifting impact has sure kept me intact..

As the earth shows thanks for the rain by rewarding us with lashious vegetation so to will the Almighty reward deeds unseen by many ,for the deeds watered by tears are truly gems from the hidden treasure that are liken to the stars to a lost sailor, who reaches the shores and can say Sukr(Thanks) for the waters we received had not deceived.

(To my dear friend of mine who help me find the lines that will shine with time).