From a land that is so distant.
My mind stays resistant.
Not to believe it's just a fairy tale.
So one day I can escape from this jail.

Passing through this door.
On the other side is nothing that I've seen before.
These weird creatures walking on this floor.
I want to fit in, but they wont except anymore.

Wanting to become what they are.
The real me shines within like a star.
Trying to get out but I don't let it get far.

So I am changing, transforming, adapting to their ways.
But once I get done with one, I get trapped in an other maze.

The truth, that was hard to find.
Keeps running nonstop through my mind.
That they don't care for no one but their own kind.

So, what do I do?
As a traveler in this nation that has no clue?
I guess I'll keep on fighting till I find what's true.

Whoa! datz gr8 MashaAllah

Whoa! datz gr8 MashaAllah

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