When Islam came to me

I just wrote it now in 2 minutes, so if you find something bad I will welcome your comments.

Last November 7, 2003-
It was the time when Islam came to me,
announcing the truth and reality,
Who the real God, it taught me.

I was once an unbeliever,
to wood and stones is where I use to surrender,
worshiping them as if they're my defender,
asking for help as though they're my supporter.

but now, I say Alhamdulillah!
It simply means praise to ALLAH
I now understand the meaning of this dunya,
That it is so much full of trials or fitnah.

Worshiping idol is a big mistake,
A thing which a Muslim cannot make,
by doing so our salvation would be at stake,
I say, "Fear Allah!" to those who are fake.

I want you all to witness,
That I have overcome my weakness,
All I want is eternal happiness,
To be saved through Allah's greatness.

Now, I became a Muslim!
There is no god except Him,
He is Allah, Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim,
and Rashid is my name as a Muslim.