Why do we spread sickness?

The child looks at everything with an open mind
And smiles a smile both innocent and kind

The deer gently bows, and drinks water by the stream
And it, and all around it, seems so beautiful, serene

The trees stand tall, green and full
And all is in a calm, peaceful lull

Then along come us grown men and women
Thinking we know best, are wise of life
And bitter over the state we’re in
Start to cut through beauty with cruelty’s knife

The trees are hacked down and taken away
Acres of forest left barren in a day

The child is taught to be cynical, bitter and to doubt
And taught prejudice, stereotype, which we should live without

The deer is shot, lying in a pool of blood
Can such senseless cruelty be understood?

Why do we have this urge, to spoil this fair nature
And harm it, destroy it, appalled at its beauty
Is it because we ourselves are so sick
That we want everyone and everything around us to be sick too?
A horrid, frightful state
See the signs
Come to your natural, pure, beautiful state
And be one in harmony with the pure nature around you

Saqib Hussain
Taken from my book "Contemplate" available from http://www.amazon.co.uk/Contemplate-Saqib-Hussain/dp/1907499652/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1345110561&sr=8-1

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