*~*A Friend i can Always Count On*~*

Submitted by : Ghareeb on Muslim

When troubles come callin’
As those gremlins often do,
And my spirit keeps on fallin’
Till I feel low down and blue…

When I look around for comfort,
Someone quickly jumps to mind,
One who always will support me,
And who is always the most kind.

Who will make my mood feel lighter,
Who’ll help beat my troubles back,
Who will make my dayz again brighter,
And gets my spirit back on track.

Who helps make the road straighter,
And helps me get around each bend,
Who makes each day again greater,
And who His luv for me never end.

When life gets harder He is even stronger,
You wont see me worried nor scared,
Happily i call Him for He helped me live this longer,
But when i forget to call Him life gets sad an weird.

When ppl turn against me an intend to hurt,
He tells me "I'm with u jus keep me in ur heart,
They can do no harm when I'm with u so be brave,
And alway keep in mind i'm the only One who can save".

A friend like Him wAllah u'll never find,
With His luv i smile alone an frm the ppl i hide,
A miracle book full of luv an wisdom He sent me,
And He is the only One indeed i can't wait to see.

Now that i've found the only tru luv, the rest i try to refrain,
For once they use to be in my lyf an were nothin bt confusion an pain,
In His wisdom book He set me amazing rules,
Which make lyf simple an when i follow them His mercy come to me lyk rain.

May i be able to follow the rules and enjoy readin the book word by word,
So my Beluvd will be pleased to see me when i leave this world,
And they say i can't meet Him till i pass a bridge call 'Barzaq' the grave,
Oh i heard that bridge z so fierce an dark bt i hp thru His mercy an luv i'll b save.

Sadly i'm ungrateful an all this blessings i keep forgettin,
But He is always there waitin an ever forgivin,
And this precious frnd of mine z none bt you O Allah!,
And i hp You 'll make me better an a true frnd (In shaa Allah).

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