A child - delicate fabric

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A child – delicate fabric
Easily affected by our actions
As early as possible, some people switch on the machine

Instructions they follow:
1. Put in conditioner – condition the child’s mind towards prejudice, stereotype, ideas of racial supremacy and disrespect towards other beliefs
2. Dirty water – ensure only dirty water enters the machine – hate, anger, the environment must be toxic
3. Spin – as often as possible send the child into a frenzied spin through hate filled, emotionally charged dialogue
4. Do the above for the formative years of the child’s life

Main settings used: Dial is switched to various settings, delicate fabric will comply, main settings:
a) Hate
b) Prejudice
c) Arrogance
d) Violence
e) And others

Once in contact with anything, the fabric will cause negativity and suffering to any person and situation with which it comes in contact and regularly put themselves through the process outlined above.

In the interests of everyone, please, don't do the above.

Saqib Hussain

Taken from my book "Garments of love" available for free download from https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/679580

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