A message to my mama

Submitted by : muslimhero on Muslim Woman

O'my mama for blessings i seek,
Although one day at your room i peak,
I found you praying and you made a plea,
" O'Allah have mercy upon Hafiz with peace,
He's my eldest son make him a prince,
Crown him with blessings and give him a sense,
A sense of jugdement and make money his fence."

O' my mama i remember when i come back from school,
You already have served my favourite soup,
You never bother to call my brothers,
You have one special love that made you bother,
About me and no one else my mother,
I wish tears could prove to you am now another,
You are four times greater than my friendly father,
Tears ran down my cheek like a hot weather,
When i remembered we wouln't be together,
One has to depart to leave the other,
But I am a one man army mom,
Dont worry,
I am a one man army mom,
Dont bother.

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