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Oh my children Read.
Read the Quraan and the Sunnah.
Understand its Aqeedah and Manhaj.
Know your Creator well.
He’s Allah. The Lord of the Worlds.
The One who sent Messengers and Prophets, from time to time.
The Final three being Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon them all.
Muhammad Sallallahu alaihiwa sallam was the seal of Prophets.
Sent to all humanity. He was a Mercy and a Warner.
Oh my children.
Your Lord is above the heavens and separate from the creation.
His Knowledge and Power is everywhere.
There’s none like Him or a co-equal to Him.
His final revelation confirms this abundantly,
This is how our salaf understood it.
Oh my children!
Do you know who the salaf are?
They are the first three generations of Islam.
The Salafus Salihoon.
The best of all people.
There was good in whatever they did.
They saw the Prophet and believed in him.
Allah was satisfied with them and them with Allah.
They drank from the noble fountain of Prophethood.
They had only one mathab.
The mathab of Muhammad Sallallahu alaihiwa sallam.
Which they clung to tenaciously.
Oh my children!
This religion is complete.
An honour bestowed on the nation of Muhammad, Sallallahu alaihiwa sallam.
“Everything that agrees with the Book and As Sunnah, take it”
The words of a great salaf, Imaam Darul Hijree, Imam Malik.
They are the Ahlul Hadeeth.
Stick to their understanding and never deviate.
That’s better for you than precious wealth.
Oh my children!
In this day and age, our true scholars have done well.
They are the leaders of Ahlul Sunnah wal Jamaah.
Albani, Bin Baaz, Muqbil, Uthaymeen Rahimahullah.
All staunch defenders of the Sunnah.
Stick to them and their trustworthy students in obedience.
Insha Allah you’ll be upon the straight path.
Oh my Children!
You are to love the Prophet like you have loved none.
He is to be loved more than your mother, father, wife or children.
Loving Him is to follow Him.
Obeying him is obeying Allah.
He’s to be followed blindly, because he does not speak of his own accord.
If you do that, expect a reward from your Lord.
Oh my Children!
You are nothing but slaves.
Integral to the creation.
It behoves that you know your creator intimately.
Who created you from nothing?
He creates because He’s the only Creator.
He provides because He’s the only Provider.
He preserves because He’s the only Preserver.
Perfect names and attributes.
He’s the Rabbul Aalameen.
He alone deserves worship without partners, strictly.
He alone you must worship without partners, strictly.
Look attentively at what surrounds you.
Look above.
Look below.
Look in front.
Look to the East,
Look to the West.
You will find proof and signs of a supreme creator.
You will see profound order, singularly controlled.
Great sustenance for a sound intellect.
Praised be Him the Lord of the Worlds.
To whom belong the most beautiful names
He is Allah, Al Ahad, Al Alaa, Al Baseer, Al Haafith, Al Khaalique, Ar Rahmaan
Ar Raheem, Al Aalim, Ar Razzaaq, Al Ghanee, Al Kareem and many more.
Oh my children!
Indeed in the remembrance of Allah hearts find serenity.
He is to be remembered at all times.
Good times and in adversity.
Constantly moisten your tongue with His remembrance?
Oh my children!
You were created only for His worship.
Ibn Abbaas, a renowned salaf and cousin of the Prophet said,
“Liyaebudoon Yuwahhidoon”
Worship is singling out Allah.
Worship is not what your intellect dictates.
It’s a comprehensive and encompasses everything that Allah loves and is pleased with.
Prayer, Zakaat, Fasting, Pilgrimage, Enjoining good forbidding evil are worship.Jihad
Being good to ones parents, neighbour, orphans, poor, wayfarer, animals are worship.
Our prophet, sent to all mankind did all of above and more.
Indeed in the Messenger you’ll find the best example.
If you understand this.
You will make the most insignificant of acts worship.
Examples abound from the lives of our salaf.
Oh my children!
Don’t be heedless, do not be negligent.
This world a frolicking past time for the heedless.
Paradise is indeed eternal.
Strive and it’s yours
Yes, it’s surrounded by all things seemingly difficult.
That’s the test your Lord has placed.
Oh my children!
Safeguard your Salaah.
This is the first thing you’ll be asked on the day of judgement.
Pray them as the Prophet Salallahu alaihiwa sallam prayed.
Pray them in masaajids in congregation.
Dont underestimate the optional prayers.
Dont make your houses burial grounds.
Recite the Quraan often and try and comprehend its contents.
Recite much during the month of Ramadan.
Compete with one another during this month.
A blessed book, The Final Testament to All Mankind.
Oh my children!
Beware of innovation in religion.
It’s like a cancer that spreads.
Follow and do not innovate.
This Deen is complete.
Nothing is to be added or deleted.
What’s given is sufficient.
Be contended with it.
Revive the Sunnah and enjoy its fruits.
Never fear people with regard to the Sunnah.
If you do, Allah will leave you to them.
Oh my children?
Beware of beautified speech.
Not most recognize the evil of beautified speech.
Speech devoid of the mention of companions and scholars is futile.
A man has no knowledge unless he quotes from the Sahabah and the scholars,
This is the Sirathul Musthaqeem.
They are the "Taa'ifah Al-Mansoorah" (Victorious Party) and the "Firqah An-Naajiyah" (Saved Group)
Oh my children!
Be strangers.
Allah loves strangers.
They are small in number.
They are those who correct what’s corrupt.
They are a people not very popular.
They are not missed when absent.
Generally society is relieved when they are dead.
Rest assured, they emerge unscathed from every dark tribulation.
If you meet a stranger congratulate each other.
By Allah Tooba is for the strangers.
Oh my children.
Cling to knowledge.
Knowledge is Islam and Islam is knowledge.
This knowledge came from above the seventh heaven.
Delivered to the Final Messenger by the most trusted angel.
Preserved tenaciously by the best of generations.
Protected to date by the trustworthy scholars.
None deviates this path except he’s doomed.
Oh my children!
Knowledge is derived gradually.
Learn Arabic to enjoy the sweetness of your Deen.
Strive hard to go to Medinah or Mecca.
Sit in the circles of knowledge.
Imbibe this knowledge only to please your Lord and to propagate it with sincerity.
There’re no scholars in North America or South Asia.
All are in the Arabian Peninsula.
Keep this in mind for the rest of your life.
Knowledge is sought not by reading books.
It is sought by sitting in front of elderly scholars.
Its qualification is Al Ikhlas.
Oh my children,
I warn you against younger students of knowledge.
They are not to be followed unless they have proven tazkiya.
Be very careful of whom you take knowledge from.
This is your Deen, your salvation.
Oh my children,
In this day and age rampant are the deviant groups.
I especially warn you against the Khawarij and Sufis.
The former qualified knowledge.
The latter have no knowledge.
They are both dangerous.
Flee away from them and keep a good distance.
Oh my children.
If you live in the lands of the Muslim’s, you are to obey the ruler at any cost.
If you live among the nonmuslims, fulfill the covenant and never prove treacherous.
Oh my children!
Eeman is both statements and actions.
It’s a statement of the heart and tongue’
Actions of the heart, tongue and limbs.
Eeman increases with obedience and decreases with disobedience to Allah.
Shun disobedience completely.
Never excommunicate a brother due to a sin, unless its shirk.
He is a believer who has a shortcoming in faith.
Oh my children,
Take good care of how you spend your life in this world.
Your youth, your wealth, your knowledge.
Will be questioned.
Do not ever be negligent.
Oh my children.
You live in very interesting times.
The second coming of Jesus son of Mary is nearing.
He was a colossus, A mighty Prophet of Allah.
He will have a huge role in his second coming.
If Allah deems you see him, serve him.
If you don’t, convey this to your children and so on.
Join him to destroy the cross and to kill the pig.
If you’re to lose your life fighting with him, you’re a martyr.
He will descend with his hands on the wings of two angels.
He will descend onto the white minaret, situated in the eastern part of Damascus.
There will be water droplets falling from his hair.
The redolence emanating from him will kill disbelievers.
At the time of his arrival it will be time for the Morning Prayer.
He will be lead in prayer by the Amir of the Muslims.
He will invite the whole world to Islam including Christians and Jews.
The one eyed antichrist, accompanied by seventy thousand Jews, will be killed by Jesus.
Oh my children you have some work ahead of you.
Fear Allah, Follow the Prophet and Love the companions, sincerely.
May Allah grant success to each one of you, Ameen.

Abu Abdullah Nishthar Idroos.

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