An Open Enemy

Submitted by : muslim89 on Strugle

An Open Enemy....

In life, we will move around places
See many faces, meet them from all races
We'll deal with them in tough cases
Sometimes give them chances after chances
Agree to disagree when making choices
You will deal with love and losses
It's not all kisses and roses
Life is a challenge with trials after trials
Fighting each other, fighting our own battles
Biggest war is against shayateens
They are ugly and mean
They make mischieve and turmoil
They want to bury you like dead under soil
Have you in some sort of embroil
Give him the upper hand and he will enjoy to see your soul spoil
Avoid his attack, fight him back, make him run, and beat that dack, or he'll laugh at you even when he nibbles on a snack
His an open enemy, His behaviour is blasphemy!
His a fool, he subjects you to RIDICULE (if you let him).

SparkaPoet 14.11.17

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