An invocation to Allah

Submitted by : hanifan on Salaat


Oh Allah you are the Creator and I am your slave and your creature,
You sent your beloved Muhammad (s.a.w) as our guide and teacher.

You Lord are the Master and I am your obedient servant,
Of your Holy Book and your Messenger (s.a.w) I will be observant.

You Lord are the Exalted and I am the lowly and the abased.
With your loving guidance Lord my Jihad (striving) will be to become chaste.

You Lord are the Generous Giver and I am the craver and the beseecher,
You give freely and unstintingly to each of your lowly creatures.

You Lord are the Helper of the needy and I am the seeker,
Through you beneficence Lord I grow ever meeker.

You Lord are the Subsistent and I am the perishing,
You and you alone Lord provide all that is nourishing.

You Lord are the Everlasting and I am the vanishing,
My Jihad O Lord is to be ever in your Paradise languishing.

You Lord are the Eternally Strong and I am the weak,
Without your love and grace my Lord life would be very bleak.

You Lord are the Rich and I am the poor,
Enrich me with you spiritual treasures O Lord, I need nothing more.

You Lord are the Great and I am the small,
But remembrance of you and your messenger Lord, make me walk tall.

You Lord are the Owner and I am the owned,
To thee my Lord I supplicate, to the ‘One True God’ enthroned.

You Lord are the Responder and I am the distressed,
Reading your ‘Book of Light’ Lord, my O my we are truly blessed.

You Lord are the Ever-living and I am the dead,
In the comfort of your loving peace, I rest my weary head.

You Lord are the Redeemer; we beg you, end this Crusader and satanic dream,
Bring forth your Imam Al-Mahdi and let your Holy Nation, once again, reign supreme.

Inspiration taken from the works of our Calipha Imam Ali (ra),

Written by hanifan 26-07-2007

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