"And I go home with you tonight." - A Love Poem

Submitted by : Najwa Kareem on Romantic

Nasser and Aliyah met each other for the first time at a picnic hosted by a mutual friend. Aliyah impressed by Nasser's acts of helpfulness and altruism, she asked her friend Nasreen who is the guy with a willingness to bend.
Too soon did Aliyah know, Nasser was more than altruistic, his way with words whispered into her ears. Salamu Alaikum, would you like some pink lemonade or ice tea? I don't serve alcoholic beers.
Nasser was confident, self assured. He thinking to himself, What do I have to fear. Aliyah contemplating at that moment, Is it possible that Nasser and I might be a couple to be and me his dear.
Aliyah's fantasy didn't last long. The picnic on a sunny day ended with she and Nasser in a courtship that couldn't go wrong.
Their coming to know each other for marriage was effortless. Together Nasser and Aliyah went to different places and they talked about many things - from where they would live if they married and moved to how they would raise children so they wouldn't be rude.
Nasser and Aliyah's courtship was taken seriously and their days were fun. They laughed at each other and felt happy eating ice cream while sitting under the sun.
Their families pleased, both set of parents consenting to Nasser and Aliyah's decision to wed, reminded the couple who were also committed to courtship rules to wait until after their wedding day before making love in bed.
A year after their first encounter, Nasser and Aliyah's big day appeared. The couple was thrilled, so were their family members and friends. It was an intimate and joyful occasion, Nasser in a tux with a well groomed beard.
Nasser and Aliyah's wedding day brought happiness and contentment to their hearts. As they held hands at the alter and hugged each other close, they vowed never a day they would be apart.
Smiles shining on the two couples faces bright, Aliyah says to her husband before he gives her a bite,
You look splendid. You look handsome.
You look debonair.
And whispers into his ear, "And I go home with you tonight."

by Najwa Kareem

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