Submitted by : murdersozzy on Youth

Writing these poems
so you can finally wake up and we can go home
i'm talking about the everyday struggle
living in this foreign country
because back home
nobody wants to make a fist and throw it in the sky
they rather stand in a slum all alone
and get crushed like broken bones
by the careless ones
that somehow always get the power
to rule over a country and dictate
well that's what i hate
and i'm trying to make a difference
but i think its too late
cause every time i try to send a message
it becomes blank and fades

I'm about the truth
and raising up the youth
cause they're the nest to the future
but yet their dreams get flushed in the sewer
by the creatures who call themselves the teachers and preachers
that end up becoming the shooters and butchers
and mass drug producers and the kids end up as users
well whose the abuser ?
the government whose only business in office
is money laundering
and their secret agenda to cause mass slaughtering
when they should be making peace offerings with one another
and love one another
peace and love is what i want to spread

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