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Your words are so beautiful...
I have never seen
Anything more beautiful than you are
You are with me
Everywhere I go
You are a treasure I carry
Wherever I go

You are a treasure
Different from all the treasures of this world
Because you are a treasure I can’t live without
You are a treasure that I know
Won’t leave me...
You are a treasure that I know
Won’t harm me
You are a true miracle
You are knowledge
Not like any other knowledge
Because if I had all the knowledge in the world and not yours,
Then I am nothing…

When I’m depressed
I come back to you
When I’m happy
I come back to you

I have never seen
More honesty
In the world
As you
What do I want more?

I know you have no lies
You show me the truth
You show me wisdom
You lighten my heart
You heal my pain
You brighten my path
You teach me life
You teach me tenderness
You teach me care
You teach me love
You teach me patience
You teach me strength
I just can't name them all...

You are my guide
When I’m lost
With you I know I'm safe

And I know
That the closer I am to you
The closer I am to Allah
And the farther I am from you;
The farther I am from Allah

But the most beautiful thing is
Despite how much we may forget you…
You are always there

-Eba Harara

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