Beloved Habib

Submitted by : Hamza on Prophet SAW

Beloved Habib,The best example of Allah's Mercy
Days pass to the sound of your praise
Counting the days till we can behold your blessed face

Beloved Nabi
The upholder of justice, maintainer of Mercy
What was it like that day, how did it feel
Stoned at Ta'if, yet you did not weep
They ignored the message yet you did not grieve

Beloved Habib,
The face of patience as life passed you by
when confusion rose inside, by your side you found your wife
To nurture your children to safeguard from misery
a loyal companion through worries and anxiety

Beloved Nabi,
Sabrun jameel, an example for us to live by
The year of sorrow, maybe the worst of your life
Allah's beloved but you went through more than most
Allah's beloved but luxuries you did not boast

Beloved Habib
Just one chance to sit in your company
To behold a face full of radiance and Mercy
To be in your presence just once, I ask from the Almighty
Hands raised to the heavens, Ya Allah let your habib love me

Beloved Nabi
When you breathed your last, did you make du'aa for me?
For the lost among your ummah, wretched souls are we
Will we drink from the fountain, are we really worthy?
Will you smile upon seeing us, your ummati?
Will you be there on the last day beloved Nabi
So that into Jannah we can gain entry...?

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