Bye bye baby brother

Submitted by : muslimhero on Palestine

See you soon,
See you soon,
In paradise.
My baby brother.

Pictures of those days,
The people picking up race,
I told you ''double your pace,
Helicopters on the chase.''
Too late, they have shot him ablaze,
Am down on my face,
Shedding tears that could save,
A baby soul from the race,
They have got me running craze,
Am gonna reverse the case.
Target locked,
Rocket launched,
And down with the military base.

See you soon,
See you soon,
In paradise,
My baby brother.

The missions about to undertake.
AK's my friend there's no debate,
I will pull the trigger and accelarate,
Never slowing down or pulling the brakes,
''stop him, stop him!'' that would be late,
If i got shot i will celebrate,
Because I am coming out for Almighty's sake,
Abort mission, abort mission,
The hero has met a fate,
Baby brother I'am coming soon to jubilate,
Catostrophie of your murder gave me an ache,
It's better I join you to eat what you ate.

See you soon,
See you soon,
In paradise,
My baby brother.

(A dedication to the people suffering war and violations in the muslim ummah especially little children killed.)

#5 The Nine SHUJA3 collection.

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