Craving Your Presence

Submitted by : Hamza on Childeren

hope, wait and yearn to hold onto you so tight,
Radiate some warmth and draw you a smile,
Teach you what's wrong and show you what's right,
Guide you towards light in the midst of a trial...

I long to hear you moan about life and its pain,
So that I hand you the key to happiness and joy,
Let you once again see the bliss of standing in the rain,
The days you enjoyed jumping in the puddle with your toy...

I crave to hear you call me even when I sleep,
To either tell me you love me or show me that you care,
Understand my eyes will not close when I hear you weep,
Yes your life is yours but with me please do share...

because all this is me yearning to be a mother
& for you to be my child.

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