Creation of Allah

Submitted by : Hanan_Hussein on Allah's Creations

The kingdom of both heaven and earth
Belongs to you
I am your creation and you are my creator
I am a sinner and you are the forgiver
You forgave me for all the sins I made
You also made me out of clay
You made me the out spring of Adam
You made me part of the Ummah of Muhammad
You showed us what's wrong and what's right
In your holy scripture ( The Quraan)
That you sent to our beloved Muhammad
You sent messenger / prophets to guide us to the right path
You made the best people in the world Al-Mumimi (the believer)
You made the worst people in the world Al-Muhjir ( the hyprocite)
I start by praising you because you are the most worthy of praising
Ya Allah forgive this ummah for all the sins they made
Ya Allah make it easy for the Ummah of your prophet

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