Submitted by : murdersozzy on Youth

Government test site turned the country into a nuke pipe
so now kids have to bust pipes till they puke twice
blood gushing out the neck
steady with the gun but crying out cut the check
starvation put upon nations
its been going on for generations
you lost hope ? they lost their patients
but you can never bare the pain
cause when you feel little stress
you take a vacation with one press
speaking about the future
while your destroying its nest

but one child couldn't bare the pain
so he muscled up and buried his name
he made allegiance to fight for freedom
opened up the lock, looking into the case
he picked up the glock and started shoplifting
and shoplifting turned into selling rocks

the rich buying all the stocks
invading into his block
kicking him out of his home
where he and his family belonged
watching the rich as they destroy the land
and built a road on the land were he buried his parents

got a couple c-4s and planted them on the road
he sat back and watched them all explode
broken bridges with bodies below
deep fire glow in his eyes
shocked and surprised
as he seen his demon arrive

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