Do you really know this man?

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Muhammed (saws), to mankind is dear
but have you ever thought, how did he appear?
his height was above average, he had a sturdy build
to protect him, his companions would even have killed

His hair was, at times shoulder length and strong
his eyes were black, his eyelashes long
his complexion was rosey, not white and not brown
he met with a smile, never a frown

his beard was thick, his bones were wide
he was the most truthful, he never lied.
a thin line of hair over his neck and chest
when sat at a gathering, he outshone all the rest

his face was so radiant
even his sweat was fragrant
his gait was firm and he walked quite fast
only the energetic could keep up and last

he would speak so calmly, no signs of violence
he would often sit, in total silence

he would explain to people about our deen
he had few clothes, but they were spotlessly clean
he explained that muslims were united as brothers
and therefore to overlook the faults of others

to perfect ourselves in the path of islam
to seek knowledge to strengthen our imaan
muhammed (saws) is the best of creation

and from his example, we should gain inspiration
his friend Abu bakr (r.a) once said
two lines about him, here's how it read
'as there is no darkness in the moonlit night
so is mustafa (saws), the well-wisher bright'

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