Don't eat! Don't eat! With these hands!

Submitted by : writer1 on Palestine

If you build your home on shaky foundations
You always feel anxious, so concerned
Your buildings have been built on unsettlement
Yet you still haven't learned

Building settlements through unsettling Palestinians
Stealing their land, demolishing their homes
So much injustice, no wonder you feel unsettled
If you don't have peace, what do you own?

You wish to eat well, drink cool water
Whilst Palestinians, oppressed, hold back tears
You want to be in comfort and relaxation
Whilst inflicting on innocent people fears

Relentless attacks on innocent people
Attacks from air, land and sea
Systematic oppression and injustice
Accurately aimed, callous cruelty

Your hands are stained with blood! blood!
Don't eat! Don't eat! With these hands!
Unsettlement, blood, tears and pain
And you call this your holy land!!!

Save your souls, stop the oppression
How much more hate? How long will you carry on?
These actions only create an unsettled future
Not just for Palestinians, but you, and everyone

Saqib Hussain - author of "Sweet Bird" and other works available for free download from

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