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Dedicated to Shohima Abdurahman, I learnt she loves poems about the creation.

Experiences I learneth mother earth,
nineteen years until my birth,

I knoweth language and words,
I can sing along birds,

I knoweth proverb and prose,
let me teach come close;

the open enemy is clear,
but hidden you should fear,

together feather flock will fly,
otherwise all will soon die,

pen is mightier than sword,
action speaks louder than word,

a friend thou might need,
is a loving one indeed.

And my experiences also knoweth,
beautiful nature of planet earth,

five words for each verse,
I will use to revise,

the stunning nature so vast,
of the planet and universe.

Rain is subject to will,
of Allah owner of skill,

plant grow flowers and trees,
varying colour reds and greens,

ant structured the world best,
from straw birds build nest,

clouds drift in the skies,
water and dust in disguise,

lion roars in the jungle,
in minutes prey will crumble,

cold is thy winter snow,
and dark is ocean floor,

horses spark hooves and gallop,
flower fields butterflies hath envelope,

in multitudes grew common bacteria,
the youngest species of animalia,

red smoke overhead d mountain,
warns of belching volcano fountain,

universe wont cease to lecture,
thou should explore more.

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