I am Uyghur

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I am Uyghur
So they have locked me up
Trapped in the detention camp
All doors are shut

Kazakhs and other Muslims are here too
Simply because of our religion
Physically and psychologically tortured
In the Chinese governments prison

Xi Jinping and his party
Are choking off our way of life
Surveillance cameras are everywhere
Against our necks they have a knife

Growing a beard, wearing a headscarf
Can land us in jail, so we must hide
They want to erase our heritage
We are witnessing cultural genocide

Countries around the world are silent
China is rich, and money talks
The path of right and wrong is clear
But with oppression they decide to walk

But harming others is harming yourself
The rest of China's head and soul hangs in shame
No money makes up for this, themselves they have locked up
Their real progress is limited, they are chained

I am Uyghur, so they have locked me up
But my soul knows it is free
When the call to prayer is read around the world
My soul also prays, and they pray with me.


Please sign: https://www.amnesty.org/en/get-involved/take-action/tell-china-to-close-its-secret-reeducation-camps-for-ethnic-minorities/

Saqib Hussain

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