I am addicted

Submitted by : muslimhero on The Holy Quran

I am addicted~
When i enter the mode of being quranic, it immerse my heart like the ship titanic, i am feeling like the star of the game olympic, i recite all the times i went for picnic, because, i am addicted.
I never come across a time of boredom, because of the stories of castle and kingdom, i listen to minshawi's best of work done, because i am addicted.
Two hundred mp3's are playing, four hundred hours of time am listening, if it stops i start the vexing, because i am addicted.
I recited when the rain is falling, i repeated when the sun is boiling, i repeated when moon is rising, i always feel the book is calling, because i am addicted.
You are welcome when the night holds, because i enter my quran mode, using up my version six voice code, i stand the night no matter what cold, because i am addicted.

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