I'm sick an need ur dua'z

Submitted by : Ghareeb on Muslim

Peace be upon u my respected Sisters,
And upon u too my defending Brothers,
May this reach u in the best of health an Imaan,
And may u always b under the protection of Ar-Ra'hmaan.

Sitting here in pain, i decided to request ur dua'z today,
Plz, plz an plz add me in ur dua'z even if it's one day.

An illness i had since long,
Though i know it's frm The most strong,
But as tym goes on, it gets more deeper,
I don't deny now it gets me even weaker.

SubhanaAllah things seem worse on my health,
And who knows, cud be the cause of my death,
But ur dua'z can make better my situation,
Coz prayers are our only solution.

This is not a complain dear ones, rather a sincere rqst,
And if u accept my rqst, that 'll indeed be the best.

*In shaa Allah*


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