In the face of Disaster!

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In the face of disaster
What are we after?
Looking beyond matter
What can we gather?

The world is an oasis, a garden full of mirages
Difficult to synthesis the emotional and intellectual barrages
From the dreadful disease – hidden deep in a simple garage
Life begins to cease – signaling the end of the forage

Is there a reason for all these?
Or life is just a tease!
In order for us to find peace
Thus our Creator, we please

Crisis exists
To debunk superstitious belief
Religion offers a relief
Elevating our grief

Human emotions are unique
So is the individual physique
Through thin and thick
We are not supposed to ‘flick’

A true strength is curbing the anger
Averting the danger
In not hurting others
There is a required character

Modern ideology is getting complicated
The mind is subjugated – failing and disintegrated
The call is to integrate
The good and bad is not separated

Religion is watered-down
Sins aplenty all over the town
Live life a clown
Even if you are the custodial of the CROWN

The end of civilization
Heading straight at our direction
Moral values are questioned
The good now is facing extinction

Now facing the disasters*
All our might and strength, we muster
Upholding the teaching of our CREATOR
That is all that matter – for us not to blunder in hereafter.

Penned by Qalamuddin
6 Rabiulakhir 1441H

* No calamity occurs, except by the leave of Allah; and whosoever believes in Allah, He guides his heart. And Allah knows all things. [Al-Taghabun 64:11}

The famous Muslim philosopher, jurist and thinker Imam Ghazali (d. 11) elaborates this very clearly:

We believe that He is the Willer of things that are, and of things that happen. There does not come about in the world, seen or unseen, little or much, small or great, good or evil, advantage or disadvantage, faith or unbelief, knowledge or ignorance, success or loss, increase or decrease, obedience or rebellion, except by His will. What He wills is, and what He wills not is not. Not a glance of one who looks, or a slip of one who thinks is outside His will. He is the Creator, the Bringer back, the Doer of that which He wills.

(A Short Creed of Ghazali) [Excerpt from Natural disasters. Source: IslamiCity]

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