Invitation to prayer

Submitted by : Ahmed Bin-Othman on Salaat

My dear brother from another mother, I have advice, so please take heed, and I say to you:

You are a good brother, the kind difficult to replace, a friend, almost impossible to find another, which is why I desperately urge that you ponder upon this reminder,

I have a message to you so take heed that you may be one of the greats, Islam is a way of life not just a religion, that means 24/7 and spreads unity not division,

You fast, you Supplicate, but you don't pray, brother fear a day, a day when all your deeds will be rendered fruitless, because to the thing Allah loves most you were careless,

"I fast, supplicate and give charity, but I don't pray, so what? At least I'm still a good person"

Brother that's like saying: "I will build a house starting from the roof" but you see, what will the roof stand on, if there is no base?

The prayer is your base that all your other deeds stand on, if you remove prayer, then all your deeds- gone,

The prayer is our ultimate purpose, the reason for our existence, leaving the prayer is abandoning your purpose, this is horrendous, outrageous,

I'm not trying to offend you if I have I'm sorry, that wasn't my intention, but rather to bring something to your attention,

You say "the prayer doesn't help me", I think you misunderstood me, the benefits of prayer don't happen overnight and are not always benefits that you can physically see, for now, it's just about doing the prayer, the peace and benefits come later,

Like the saying of the messenger (Sallalahu 3alayhe wa sallam), who is the greatest human ever, in which a man approached him and said "O messenger, to you I pledge my allegiance, but I will only pray two times a day" you know what the messenger did? He said "okay",

The companions were confused and said: "what! But we have to do five" and they began to complain, the messenger said: "hold on let me explain, when he tastes the sweetness of prayer, he will come to five on his own" such words of wisdom, thinking about him makes me feel at home,

I want the best for you which is why I took the time to write this to you out of my own will, with peace and contentment the prayer will fill; in your heart, a feeling that can't be expressed not even through art,

How blessed are we that Allah chose us to do the thing he loves more than anything in existence- the prayer, yet you refuse this gift, to your own soul you are a slayer, how could you deprive yourself from the most beloved thing to Allah?

You say "I want to create my own path", I say Allah has already given you a path, will you not follow it? What other path leads to Allah except the path Allah told us leads to him?

Is Allah concealing a path from us that you happened to figure out? Or has Allah revealed to you the unseen? Or is Allah unaware of this path? Or has Allah given you the authority to create your own path?Or do you invent a lie against Allah? Then why do you not reason? Little do you understand,

You don't have to accept my message, I'm only a caller, I only wish you could be a bit smarter, whether you receive guidance is up to Allah, seeing you in this condition makes me crumble inside, while it only makes your heart harder,

I love you as a brother in Islam and in humanity, I dream to stand next to you in prayer before Allah in humility, by the way, don't cut your hair cuz you got vanity!

This doesn't have to result in an awkward moment the next day, you can accept this invitation to success, or you can reject it and let's just forget about it, but it would be your salvation you have suppressed, just remember, if it's Allah you want to impress, prayer is the best!

Your sincere bro, Ahmed ????????

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