Let's minimize it

Submitted by : Ghareeb on Youth

Assalaamu alaykum my dear Jabry
Plz 4giv me, i'm really sorry

Hv bn long and i hp u doin well
I rlly miss u an 4 sure i cn tell

Seems lyk months hv passed
But it's only dayz, i guess

Pliiiiz dear don be sad
Being quiet 4 me was also hard

But those we luv, don we wnt Allah 2 luv dem too?
So to fight Shaytan z our duty, dat he's our enemy z tru.

I don wanna b to u my dia a fitnah
And u keep missin Allah's ra7ma
Then we end up loosin Jannah
No,We don wanna dis happen (In shaa Allah)

Dat women r gr8 trial, Rasulullah prophetize
And Shaytan, in all tricks an traps he expertize

So let's beware an try our best 2 fight
I think gd of u, an mabe u think da same of me, bt wat abt on Allah's sight?
An how r we gd, if we don remind one another watz right?

I know everyday z a struggle
Bt let's b strong 4 plzin Allah z our goal

I think u r a nyc brother an so i luv da chat
Bt i fear it may lead us 2 follow our hrt
And den we may end up in hurt.

Jus wanna let u knw, u r among those i value
And (In shaa Allah) i wont ignore u

I'm jus tryin our talk to minimize it
So we don fall on devil's trap an deceit

But still an always i'm here
As a frnd an a sis 4 u my dear

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