Lost Soul

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Im am going to speak from my heart Today. The more time i spend in this Dunya, it feels like my soul is getting away.
I am helpless theres nothing i can do, i have brief moments like this, then i am back to what i do.
This Dunya is becoming my priority and i am loosing my religion and faith. Collecting, gathering everything i can worrying and locking it up in a safe.
This is not Me but this world has pushed me down to my knees waiting for me to pay.
But what the world does not know whilst on my knees i am in the perfect position to prey.
And thats when I remember my Lord, when i am pushed down, beaten, cut and left with a heart thats sore. I ask My Allah to forgive me, as my forehand is against the floor.
And minutes later i feel peace within my heart and soul, this moment i have with my Lord feels as if I'm complete again and whole.
And then the circle continues and i go back to my ways, waiting to be pushed down to the floor as i am again in a daze.
Yaa Allah forgive me for what i have become, i am naive, stupid and dumb. But Yaa Allah I struggle to fight against the world alone. Its like being ripped peace by peace, meat by meat from my bone.
I have fallen in their trap and become blind and heartless, hearing, seeing and believing nothing as i am in complete darkness.
And now i have a question for YOU, please tell me what do i do.............

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