Submitted by : Ahmed Bin-Othman on Romantic

My feelings for this person has found a place in my heart tense and strong, It remains clear and firm, even though it's been long;

I can't stop thinking about this person, they've been a huge part of my life, it just seems to worsen, our bond and love was so strong like that of a husband and wife;

Whatever I try, it only makes it worse, and every time, it makes me cry, the tears that flow down each of my eye, is like a river trying to burst;

I make Dua and I pray, but it doesn't seem to help, if I keep going it may, but for how long? My addiction for this person is like that of a song;

I don't know what to do, I don't know who to tell, my parents, friends or you? I wish this feeling was something I could sell;

Why did I ever love this person so much? It was a mistake I will have to suffer for the rest of my life;

But then, I found something amazing, something full of grace, finally my feelings for this person I can replace, it's beauty I could spend over it an eternity gazing;

It's words causes feelings of rivers of honey, melting my heart into a beautiful fragrance that nothing can buy not even money;

It's words soothes my ears, so much relaxation I've never felt in years, the sound of a promise, that I've never heard, telling me not to worry, because everything is going to be okay;

So much happiness, I can not explain, the more I listen, the more from this person I refrain, from the strong feelings I had, I can finally run away;

All that anxiety, pain, and worry, is now easy to ignore, a new feeling enters my heart, a feeling like never before;

Peace, is all I can think of, I finally understand what it means to love, it's not a mere feeling you have for someone;

Love is the peace and joy that enters your heart when you see someone... It's the feeling you get when you listen to the Qur'an;

Why should I love someone who doesn't love me? And abandoned me and broke my heart? From this wretched person I am at last free;

No Qur'an, No love;
Know Qur'an, Know love.

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