Message To the Blind

Submitted by : murdersozzy on Youth

Once Again I'm Back.

This one here is a message to the blind
struggle to find the truth beneath the crime
committed by those unseen but am not talking about a ghost
but these folks are mean and corrupted in mind
very racist when its comes to civil crime
a white man shooting up a school is known to be insane
and pleaded his insanity in the law of court
but any other race would've been a different story
educate yourself and take them out of their glory
to have power for them is the same as being holy

You can either be blind or educate your mind
these people been feeding you lies open up your eyes
religion was decriminalized to improvise for those unwise
seeking the truth from the same ones who were disguise
while selling AL-Qaeda their supplies ? look surprised ?
but their not, having a spy to keep them updated in case of a created rebellion

One nation under god
which god ? the all seeing flaw
living off your backbone crumble you up and chew you raw
then use the devil's claw for tooth pick
the untold secrets and society such as the masons and how their sick
claiming to donate to the poor but how can taking
some ones rightful belongings and giving them back being donating ?
the rich are tax free while the poor pay their fees

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