Mothers Day??

Submitted by : Muslimah1225 on Muslim Woman

This is what i say
Everyday is Mother's day
Not just one day
Does your love show once and then go away?

She's with us day and night
She's the light of our life
What beauty shows with just one smile
Cannot live without her not even for a while

She knows what you mean
Something to lean
She is the main
Feels your pain

She brightens up my world like no-one else
Without her here i get so tensed
She means everything to me
Having my mother in my life is the biggest victory

She's by my side
All the time
Misery sadness i can't hide
My love for her is very wide

I don't know what i would do without my mother
She's not like any other
I am grateful to have my mother Alhamdulilah
A very big thank you to the one and only ALLAH

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