My Seemy Seem

Submitted by : ihsaan on Romantic

Shes sleeping oh so peacefully, while snoring the night away
A deserving rest for my darling after another tiring day
She's wrapped up in her burqa; I stare at her and smile
She must have been praying last night for quite a long while

Our boys are growing older and how they love their mum!
They demand her attention so I'll patiently wait for some.
I love her simple cooking, she knows just what we like
The boys sometimes trouble, but I tell them to take a hike!

She thinks she cannot do it, her mind is full of doubt
Such a pretty flower among her boys who like to shout!
With toys to stumble over and never two socks that match
To racing for the school bell and locking the front-door latch

I lift the blankets gently, trying to save her precious heat
I want to catch a glimpse of paradise that rests beneath her feet
I can never hope to repay her, she's the best for all to see!
She's the greatest companion ever, whose found the best in me!

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