O Muslim!

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They ask you about Allah, his mercy.
Say: "Allah is the most merciful, so much so that if you were to come to him with sins that fill the gap between the heavens and the Earth, Allah would forgive all of them and exchange them for good deeds."

Such is the mercy and kindness of Allah, so will you then lose hope?

They ask you about Allah, why does he allow evil to paint the face of the Earth?
Say: "To Allah belongs the key to the knowledge of the unseen. What is evil for you now will be good for you in the future; by it Allah rewards and by it Allah forgives. And never is Allah to his creation, unjust."

Such is the wisdom of Allah; how would we know what good is, if there was no evil?

They ask you about Jannah, how can my actions earn an infinite reward?
Say: "No one will enter Jannah except through the mercy of Allah. Will Allah not show mercy to the doer of good?"

Such is the mercy and justice of Allah, so will you not do good?

They ask about women, why do you oppress them?
Say: "When she is a daughter, she opens the gates of Jannah for her father; when she is a wife she completes half of her husband's religion; when she is a mother, Jannah lies beneath her feet. You call this oppression? Rather she is elevated!"

Such is the status of women in Islam, so is this oppression?

They ask you about pork, why do you get punished just for eating meat?
Say: "Do not look at the insignificance of a sin, rather look at the greatness of the one you're sinning against."

Such is the way we explain to those who do not know, so will you reject?

They ask you about resurrection, how can Allah do that?
Say: "Certainly, the one who created you from the beginning when you were nothing, can surely reconstruct you from bones and dust."

Definitely, in this is a sign for those who ponder and use their intellect, so will you reflect?

They ask you about the Qur'an, the words of God?
Say: "If you are in doubt concerning this Qur'an, then produce a piece of literature like it and gather all your supporters, if you are speaking the truth."

If you can not do that, or are too lazy to, then why make the claim? Are you guessing? Or are you a liar?

O questioner,

I now address you directly. What will satisfy you? How many questions does it take to attain sufficient knowledge?

Trick question! It's not about how many you ask but rather what you ask.

If you want to know if a religion is true, look at its heart not its limbs. The heart of Islam, let me show you through.

From the root WaHHada derives TawHeed. Which is the process of making something one and unique. One God; this is our creed.

Science and math you do not need, only a brain and common sense. Nothing comes from nothing and nothing can create itself.

One uncaused God whom we call Allah. The best and only explanation of our existence. Can you offer a better? Rather you reject In persistence, resistance.

To worship Allah is our purpose, whoever follows is victorious, those who don't are careless, heedless.

This is Islam, one Allah whom he worship. Disprove that and Islam collapses.

You will never be able to disprove Islam, because you stand on the shoulders of lies and improvisation, O what a terrible unstable foundation!

The reality is, you just don't want to believe, because you're lazy and want to follow your desires, do as you plead; I will not waste away my time with you.

You can laugh now, but you will be in tears on the day of resurrection when you will regret every transgression, every oppression.

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