Oh! Jenin my heart cries for you

Submitted by : Showkat on Palestine

Oh! Jenin my heart cries for you

The years have passed
Memories have faded
And the rain has washed away
The evidence of those slain
Men women and children
Buried under the rubble
Who Israel accused of causing trouble

Zionist lies believed by the gullible
International agencies and media
Carried the story
Of the brave Israelis
Our story ignored
Because it’s gory

The brave mujahideen fought
But they knew it was to no avail
The Muslim leaders would not come to their aid
So they fought valiantly
Like we pray our last salah

They took inspiration
From Dawud AS
And fought the Goliath
Trusting in their lord
Better to die with dignity
Then live in humiliation

The ummah praised them
The rulers were shamed
Questions were asked
What’s the point of huge armies and
Nuclear weapons if your ummah is humiliated?

Israel was scared
Memories of khaybar
Came flooding back
23 Israeli dead
13 in one day
100s wounded
And millions of Zionists psychologically scarred

Bulldozers used
And bombs dropped from planes
Upon houses
Muslims treated like louses

The victims of the holocaust
Practiced their own genocide

But who’s going to put them on trial?

Twelve years have passed
No one remembers Jenin
But the world remembers and commemorates
The Jews who were gassed
Over 50 years ago

March 2013
What did we do for our brothers and sisters?
What are we doing now for our ummah?

Prepare your answers
Oh! Muslimeen

Allah will ask you
On the day when wealth, qualifications and status
Will mean absolutely nothing

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