Palestine: (Al-Quds) Jerusalem, Worldwide Protests & the wearing of Keffiyeh/Kufiya

Submitted by : Najwa Kareem on Palestine

US President Trump declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel.

How brazen.
He dare not hide his allegiance with thugs, war criminals, terrorists, thieves, heartless creatures, shall I go on.
He corrupt enough to give ownership of a capital rightfully belonging to Palestine to blood thirsty Zionists.

People all over the world protesting, demonstrating, showing their resistance to Trump's nonsense for more than a week now.
Most of the protests reactionary.
Although the protests are purposeful and necessary, ongoing consistent proactive resistance is what is needed.
Regretfully is what is lacking.

Keffiyah, donned by many following Trump's wicked declaration. The garment of solidarity with an oppressed land and oppressed people & a resistance to ongoing Zionist colonialism & criminality.
Buy One, Wear One, Speak up with One. Educate with One. Avoid being reactionary with One. Be proactive with One.

Long live Al-Quds. Long live Palestine. May God always protect the Holy Land.

by: Najwa Kareem

*Imam Muhammad Asi's Friday 12/15/17 Khutbah (Sermon) elicited a desire in me to write this poem. His words were mind stimulating, thought provoking, beautiful, inspiring; a wake up call for all who listens and ponders.

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