Ph.D., Dr. Asi

Submitted by : Najwa Kareem on Muslim Woman

Marjan Asi worked super hard to get her Ph.D.
And now she can celebrate with her really happy and proud family

A graduation party with a piece of cake and a cup of Persian or Arab tea
Allah hu Akbar, Rah-rah, Woo-hoo, Way To Go
for the one and only

Independent and determined,
Marjan by herself moved to a new land
leaving behind her beloved parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Asi
What a fantastic job they did grooming she

Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies is what she precisely chose to study
With a goal in mind and Allah in her heart,
she pursued it to the end
for the betterment of we

Marjan Asi with a Ph.D.
Oh my God, Unbelievable, I knooow, I'll say it to many

Asking at Eid prayer,
wondering how she's doing it with a toddler son and a new baby
My husband,
He's over there,
He helps a lot, she said to me

Like with everything,
it took cooperation
walking and working together,
she and her family tree

Marjan Asi with a Ph.D.
From a top world ranked university
In a subject area regarded supreme
by The Highest Deity

You did it, my friend,
Marjan, Dr. Asi
Shukran Lillah, Shukran Jazilan,
Al hamdulilah,
I've said it to THE/thee

By: Najwa Kareem

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