Prophet Ibrahim (The Friend of Allaah) – Part 1 - The Confrontations

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Prophet Ibrahim (Pbuh) was born and raised
In a land which was then called ‘Babylon’,
When people had forgotten Allaah (Ta'ala)
Stars, moon & idolatry worship became common

Azar, his father was one of those
Who made up gods from stone & wood
Thinking that the statues would benefit him,
But obviously it did him no good!

On the other hand, when Ibrahim spotted a star in the sky
Or see the bright moon or the blazing sun rise high
He was led to find truth in the amazing creation,
But for many it’s not a divine answer…it’s more of a ‘scientific explanation!’

Ibrahim attempted to guide his father
Afraid that the Al-Mighty’s punishment befall him
But Azar could not care less
He did not want to believe in the Unseen

Azar asked to be left alone
And responded to Ibrahim with a threat
Said he will be stoned if his son did not stop there
So Ibrahim parted from them, without feelings of regret

Ibrahim asked Allaah for his father’s forgiveness
Only because of a promise Ibrahim had made (to his father)
But it was clear that Azar was an enemy
Whom Ibrahim no longer could persuade

So one night everyone went out to celebrate
Ibrahim, pretending to be ill, stayed behind
He entered upon their temples,
Whereupon the statues stood speechless, deaf and blind

In every corner of the room,
Ibrahim found and smashed the statues,
Except the largest one of all
Kept for the others to confuse

So he cleverly left the axe
With the largest, unbroken idol
Fixating it on the idol's hand,
He then hurried away from the temple

When they came and found their statues
Laid on the floor all shattered,
They demanded to know who broke them
Then around Ibrahim they angrily gathered

So Ibrahim told them
“Ask the largest statue, holding the axe”
Challenging them because from Allaah they turned their backs

To avenge their gods they build a huge pyre
While the creatures of the earth (except lizards)
Attempted to blow out the fire,
But the flames only went up higher

Ibrahim shackled by the ankles
Was held by a large catapult
The first to be created in the world
By a man who will continue sinking in the earth as a result (until Judgement day)

So Ibrahim was casted into the fire,
A terrible thing they plot!
But Allaah commanded it to be peaceful and cool
Ibrahim unhurt, was believed by no one but cousin Lut (Pbuh)

Later, afraid that his kingdom will lose power,
King Nimrod sent for Ibrahim
To prove that Allaah did not exist,
The haughty King went to such extreme

King Nimrod ordered two men be brought to him
And boasted he gives life and death
One he let live, but the other?
Well Nimrod took away his last breath!

(So Ibrahim challenged him)
“My lord raises the sun from the east,
Can you make it rise from the west?”
King Nimrod all dumbfounded and speechless
Was then beaten at his own contest!

(In a narration told by Zaid bin Aslam):
Allaah sent an Angel thrice to King Nimrod,
Who was commanded to believe in the Al-Mighty,
The One and Only True God

King Nimrod refused to believe & replied to the Angel,
“You gather your people & I will gather mine...”
How foolish is he to think that he'd be fine?

By sunrise, King Nimrod prepared his men
Against Allaah they attempted to oppose,
So Allaah sent them something that blackened the sky
He sent them an army of mosquitoes

Drinking their cursed blood and eating their flesh
The mosquitoes left nothing but dry bone,
Because they refuse to believe in Allaah
Forever, in hell they will groan

And King Nimrod? Well a mosquito flew into his nose
Therein it stayed causing severe pain
Eventually, Nimrod could take no more
So killed himself & that was the end of his reign!

To be continued... (Insha-Allah)

~~SparkaPoet (Shohima Abdul Rahman) 03/01/2011~~

Pbuh = Peace be upon him
Ta’ala = Most High

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